The Way of Life Passage Curriculum

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The Way of Life Passage curriculum is a well planned vehicle of self awareness for school environments K-12. Each Passage theme affords a space in the school environment for youth of all ages. Passage activities challenge and exercise the child’s ability to become more focused and in control of self.  

Life Fund & Beyond College Preparatory


The Foundation is focused on increasing postsecondary completion rates because whether it is a certificate, an associate degree, or a bachelor degree, a postsecondary credential is the best path to success for under-served students.

Boot Strap Non-Profit Assistance Program

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Through marketing campaigns and services, Boot Strap has made it possible for community and national organizations to reach out to the communities they are prepared to serve. To date our efforts have supported many organizational start ups. Services such as writing proposal plans, grant writing, web site design, and general management consulting has been granted to various organizations.  













Life Fund Foundation Introduction...

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LFF is continuously inspired and  share a deep admiration for the many organizations and individual efforts to fill the voids impeding a community of growth (educationally, economically, nutritionally, and culturally).

In defining our future community funding and philanthropic ventures, we as a family/business and now a foundation decided on three specific arms of involvement to reach the people in need: Self-Awareness curricula, Non Profit support and College Preparatory.